Vanity of the worst kind.

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but I was at a conference, and have been playing Catch Up since I got back…plus internet issues go figure! Can I talk about something that REALLY bothers me? Perhaps it’s just social media, or maybe it’s the boldness one feels behind a keyboard, but I get REALLY bothered by people who claim Christ (or use Him) when it’s advantageous in an argument, when they want to bash other Christians, when the bandwagon jumps all over something, or when they’re pushing their own agenda. If I can please ask now: STOP!

If you’re doing this, you maybe:

a) someone who does not like what others are doing, and so pick a passive-aggressive way to pick on people you don’t like (or what they do, even if you like them);

b) someone who does not know much about the word of God, and uses pictures, scriptures, news stories, or other forms of media that someone else has learned, and posts without thinking about it;

c) someone who has been burned by the church, and so uses media to get back at them;

d) someone who clearly doesn’t like Christians and who uses what little knowledge they have of the Bible to use against Christians to try and shut them up.

There may be more options out there, but these are the majority of what I see. Can I ask you, nicely, to please stop? Here’s the problem with every one of these (and other) scenarios: it comes from a place of ignorance and a lack of knowledge on the subject matter. And since Jesus Christ is the subject matter, you’re using His name in vain. The 4th Commandment that God gave to Moses does not simply mean “Don’t say my name in a superfluous manner.” “It means don’t use my name to support your own Agenda! Don’t kill in my name, unless I commanded it, don’t perform Evils in my name, don’t get rich in my name, don’t do anything in my name that dishonors me!” That is the very heart of that command! And how often do we use God for our politics, our policies, and our pride? God is greater than all of these. He was around long before Elephants and Donkeys were emblems of ideals, and will be around long after these cease. He has stood forever, unchanging, and our finite reasoning can’t change His infinite glory! Give Him His due. If you don’t know anything about Him, read His word, cover to cover…and not like it’s a book report, or even a favored novel. Digest it, seek to understand (even if you don’t agree) what it’s all about. I honestly believe ignorance (the lack of knowledge and understanding) is the core of every conflict in the world, and if we seek knowledge, especially the knowledge of God, it will bring us to a greater understanding, not just of God, but, as we get closer to Him, of one another.


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